Lampa Lishuai HS300 RGBW

●RGB+W color gamunt,full gamunt color mixing enables the rendition of all color shades.
●Be adjusted for different skin tones,camera sensors and mixed light environments.
●The extensive gel offers a wide range of familiar colors.
●2800-10000K color temperature is fully adjustable.
●0-100% brightness is fully adjustable.
●Preset multiple scenes and lighting effects.
●Soft light panel, provide beautiful and soft light beam.
●High CRI.
●Bright output comparable to 2KW tungsten soft light.
●The barn doors, honeycomb grid and other accessories adopt a snap-on design, which is convenient for users to replace.
●DMX512 dimming function, controlled by DMX console or dimmer Ideal for broadcast applications.
●Remote function for wireless control.
●Ideal for broadcast applications.
Huescape light series is the RGBW light series, they are designed with all-aluminum frames for durability and enhanced heat dissipation. These lights have been designed using all of the features and advantages of LED lighting and Lishuai's Huescape technology, creating a soft, compact and efficient flat light panel. Huescape lights are adjustable from 2800K to 10000K with adjustable green and magenta points to optimize the spectrum for superb color effects. All models can be controlled using DMX512 protocols or via the built-in operations menus or the remote control.
Lishuai huescape Technology
Front diffuser panel     
1foot X 2feet (30X60CM)
Beam angle            
Color light            
Full RGB+W gamut with hue saturation control
0-100% continuous
White light            
Continuously adjustable 2800K to 10000K
CRI ≥95,TLCI≥91
Color temperature error   
Remote control         
DMX 512, remote control, Mobile APP
Power input           
AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, DC15V
Power draw           
320W max
Battery mount          
Battery power          
Output on battery power  
Working temperature    
-4 to 113°F (-20 to 45℃)
Protection level         
LED lifetime           
Up to 50,000 hours
32lbs 7oz (14.7KG)
28.4in X 20.4in X 7.2in (72CMX51.8X18.2CM)
What is included
1x HS-300
1x Barn doors
1x Power cord
1x DMX cable
1x AC power adapter  
1x Safety cable
3x Magic cable tie
1x Remote control
1x Hard case
1x Instruction manual

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