Obiektyw FUJINON ZA12x4.5BERM (with Extender)

Obiektyw FUJINON ZA12x4.5BERM (with Extender)
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Fujinon lens ZA12X4,5BERM

The ZA12X4,5BERM has internal focusing and a selectable zoom range (zoom limit). It supports Chromatic Aberration Compensation and high resolution. It is also one of the main features of the Digi Power technology, it ensures high reliability and precise Objektivkontrolle.
DIGI POWER is ideal for everyday use or for the digital production environment suitable and which offers greater operator comfort and greater production flexibility.
Among the many useful features include QuickZoom DIGI POWER, Auto-cruising zoom, One Shot Preset and the serial digital remote control.

The QuickZoom speed is 0.6 seconds. / 0.7 sec over the full zoom range.
The QuickZoom offers a quick check with just a push of a button. When let go of the button, the lens returns to the previously selected zoom position.

Cruise Zoom
Cruise Zoom allows the user to start a zoom and then set the speed. This ensures a constant speed without accidentally moving the zoom rocker.

One Shot Preset
Zoom and focus can be preset in advance and save a selected location. Touching the switch while recording is immediately switched to the stored position for time-saving production.

Optional Accessories
SS-11A ENG <=> Behind-camera-Operating parts kit (full servo) for RM / ZM-Broadcast ENG Lenses
SS-11B ENG <=> Behind-camera-Operating parts kit (full servo) for RM / ZM-Broadcast ENG Lenses
FLIGHT CASE <=> Cases for e.g. (H) A13x/18x/22x ProCase, with leather grip
EFL-127PL <=> Fujinon Polarizer (circular) for 127 mm filter thread
EFL-127UV <=> Fujinon UV filter for 127 mm filter thread
SS-11D-FIN <=> Behind-camera-Operating parts kit

Broadcast ENG
Standard resolution
Initial focal length
4,5 mm
yes (2x)
Focal length
4.5 to 54 mm (1x), 9-108 mm (2x)
Maximum relative aperture
F1.8 (4.5-41mm) F2.4 (54 mm
Minimum Focus Distance (MOD)
0,3 m (from the front lens
Object Size at MOD (16:9, w / o ext)
757x425 mm (4.5 mm), 59x33 mm (54 mm)
Object Size at MOD (16:9, m. Ext)
373x210 mm (9 mm), 31x17 mm (108 mm)
Angle (16:9, w / o ext)
93 ° 38 'x 61 ° 50' (4.5 mm), 10 ° 9 'x 5 ° 43' (54 mm)
Angle (16:9, m. Ext)
56 ° 06 'x 33 ° 20' (9 mm), 5 ° 05 'x 2 ° 52' (108 mm)
Ratio Converter
Image stabilizer built
PF Assistance System
Zoom, Iris (auto / manual)
Filter Size
M127x0, 75 (in the sun visor)
Front diameter
95 mm

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